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We take the package weight of the brisket and multiply by $13.

For example, a 15 pound brisket runs $195 sliced, ready to serve and eat.

Divide by 2 and add $5 for half briskets.


***Now offering catering with drop off and go service.***

Choice of 2 meats (brisket, pulled pork, ribs) or double up on one,

beans, potato salad, green salad, fresh apple individual mini-bundt cakes.

$25/person for 10 or more people.




Available year round, but must pre-order. 

Local pick up in the Colorado Springs, CO area

Holidays, Family Gatherings, Parties, Corporate Events


What a special treat for our office lunch! The brisket was absolutely incredible! It was better than Texas! We will be keeping your info for future parties and gatherings. Warmest thanks!

-Dr. Jeremy M.

It was a huge hit! Everyone wanted to take some home! Thank you!

-Petra R.


Give my friend Kelly a try. I'm in Texas home of BBQ and I can't find anything close to The Brisket Master!

-Richard W.


Kelly, based upon the timing of your post yesterday this was our group you were catering for last night!

We had TBM cater for our board of directors meeting last night; 20 people.  Your brisket Kelly was all the rage, food was awesome and the care and interest in the client and the process spoke volumes.

Folks - if you are a business; this is a small business owner making it happen one brisket at a time... I love to support local businesses. Give TBM and the Brisket Master a try! 💪💪

Freaking Awesome Kelly!!

-Greg M.


I agree with Greg. The brisket was awesome-- certainly the best I've had in a long time. Kudos!

-Norm A.


Ridiculously good. Always a favorite when we have visitors in town for the holidays. 10/10

-Brent P.


Decided to do brisket instead of turkey this year for thanksgiving... and boy o boy is this the best damn brisket I've ever had.

-Dylan G.


Hands down the best brisket I've ever had! Everyone enjoyed. Particularly my kids who are picky eaters. You do good work Kelly!

-Malcolm S.


This Thanksgiving our family traded the traditional turkey dinner with brisket. And Kelly, you delivered the perfect brisket! It was tender, juicy and delicious. Our family enjoyed it, and we appreciate the excellent customer service.

Friends in Colorado Springs, if you are in search of delicious brisket, I highly recommend The Brisket Master. He is taking Christmas orders now.

-Stephanie F.


Had my first nibble and it's damn good. Thanks for cooking for me Kelly.

-Bruce B.


This is the most decadent moist brisket I've ever had in my life. Some of my hometown Texas folk might say blasphemy but they have no idea what they're missing out on. I mean it literally just melted in my serving utensils as I was trying to get it out of the pan. Colorado created smoked brisket all thanks to the Brisket Master himself.

-Natasha R.


Oh my, it is soooo goood! Don't have dinner ready but can't stay out of it!

-Sue H.


The brisket was excellent. Everyone wanted me to pass along that it was the best they have ever had. Some want to know if you deliver to another state. :) They loved it. Thank you. Cindy said this will be a thing when we have family events.

-John V.


I highly endorse this brisket! Never tasted better. Love the juiciness. Love the tenderness. Love the spices. Love the taste!!!

-Ron F.


You smoke the BEST brisket! 🥩💕

-Stephanie M.


Everyone raved about the brisket! Many are from KC and they said it meets the KC BBQ standard. So moist, tender and no BBQ sauce needed because of the flavor.

-Scott E.


We love Kelly and we love his brisket. We used Kelly for our wedding, an anniversary, Christmas and have recommended him to everyone. He's a local guy, producing some amazing meat at a fair price. We've basically got his number on speed dial! :) Call him. You won't regret it!!

-Rebecca M.


(We) recently ordered from The Brisket Master and I have to say it was exceptional! Definitely recommend it!!!

-Jared B.


Ooh ooh, just ate your brisket last night for the first time. Couldn't stop. So good.

-Mindy H.


The brisket was amazing! The hit of the party. Thank you again!

-Steve G.


Brisket was so amazing. Thank you so much! I bet I heard it 100 times today how great all of it was.

-Matt K.


Amazing brisket....super tender and moist...delicious. 5 stars or 10/10

-Bruce O.


Just wanted to let you know this is absolutely the most delicious brisket I have ever tasted. Well done, sir.

-Shannon B.


That was honestly the best brisket I have ever had. Seasoning was just right and the meat very tender. I have eaten it every day and I'm still not tired of it. I'll be ordering again soon!!!!!

-Amanda M.


This brisket was amazing! We ended up calling fairly last minute as we changed all of our wedding plans for COVID and now needed to get dinner at our house all set up. It was $12/pound and in general our guests ate about a pound each. He showed up right on time, was super communicative leading up to the day, and it looked great all cut up and ready to go. We just threw it in the oven at like 175 until we were ready to eat. It couldn't have been easier. We'd definitely look at this for another event!

-Rebecca R.


(We) couldn't stop raving about the incredible taste and texture of that brisket!  My man, you have a GIFT!  Thank you for sharing what is obviously a well honed skill and passion of yours.

-Matthew C.


Best I've ever had and I am a brisket lover.

-Raul R.


You got a MAJOR 2 thumbs up from each person in our family.  Thank you so very much.

-Yvette T.


The brisket was a big hit, everyone really enjoyed it. Thank You and Merry Christmas!

-Rich C.


Thank you for my brisket.  My family and I LOVE IT!  Each bite we had was SO YUMMY!  So tender, so GOOD!  Will re-order for sure pretty soon!

-Victor R.


This brisket is amazing, not even a crumb left.   It was such a hit!

-Vickie K.


Kelly's brisket is outstanding.  The man knows his way around the grill and with smoked meats.   Not getting to eat this now as I moved out of state is depressing!

-Mark R.


I agree with Mark, Kelly's culinary skills with grilled/smoked meat is amazing!

-Curt D.


Kelly's brisket is just incredible.  You need to try it!

-Malcolm S.


Your brisket is the best tasting brisket I've ever had. Moist, juicy, the best seasoning I've ever tasted on a brisket.  Beats any commercial restaurant I've had anywhere.  Anyone who is looking for a brisket for a party would be nuts to get anyone else's.  Can I preorder one now for our Superbowl party I so I don't miss out?

-Ray M.


This is the best brisket I have ever eaten in my life!  Words about how wonderful it is, do not do it justice!!

-Lisa M.


Okay, first, Kelly is from Texas so that should be enough said since brisket is in their blood, but the care and quality is off the hook.   I have been fortunate to eat it on several occasions and always the best I have ever had even in Texas.  I highly recommend it and at this price, a slam dunk for your event or just to enjoy with your family.  Yummo!

-Steve M.


Just wanted you to know that the brisket was a big hit with everyone.  Best we've had in years.

-Pat A.

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